What would it
take for you to
have a great life?

At Pathways, we believe you are more than the circumstances life dealt you.

We believe that you deserve the opportunity to live a life of passion and purpose! Are you living your full potential?

Pathways exists

To empower people to live with purpose, passion, dignity and integrity, through experience-based training.

Pathways is For You


Begin your Pathway by attending the first Core Training class, The Weekend! Start realizing your potential, improve relationships, and discover who you were meant to be.


If you are a Pathways graduate, consider taking the time to share your experience and invest in the journey of others, and volunteer at our Core Training classes. You’ll be so glad you did!


If you know someone in your life, whether a relative or friend, who could benefit from the Core Training, consider being a Sponsor and walk alongside them to begin their journey.


Consider donating towards this great program! Your contributions empower us to continue to provide trainings that help build lives of significance and communities of hope.

The Core Training

We are committed to helping people create the life they’ve always wanted.
It all begins with our Core Training: The Weekend, The Walk, and Partners I, II, and III.

What Pathways Has Done For Me

  • It's that moment your teenager walks up, hugs you and tells you she loves you out of the blue - that moment you realize through all the mistakes, arguments, disagreements and heartache the "happy and precious times" still win. The opportunity Pathways provided helps me experience these moments and
    many more to come.

    Jay Beck Class #285
  • Pathways changes people's lives for the better. The program allowed me to connect with my beautiful family and to be a better employee. I recommend all the classes especially The Core Training, Empowered Parenting and Teen and Family Camp. They have amazing staff, facilitators, and volunteers.

    Lori Kelly Class #262
  • This is the most amazing, life changing, grow-yourself-up emotionally & spiritually program in which I've ever participated! Pathways helped me create a fulfilling plan for my life and inspired confidence in me.

    Ginger England Class #333
  • Pathways helped me find passion and purpose in my life. I continually seek to remove my perceived limitations on joy, love, passion and fulfillment in all areas of my life.

    Rodney Francisco Class #306
  • Pathways changed my life by teaching me not to allow my past to define who I am and that I am enough just the way God created me to be. I learned to stand up for myself and remove toxic people from my life.

    Lisa Kelly Class #286